Cardinal Dolan, Lead Us On!

Tomorrow, New York Archbishop Timothy Dolan (also the President of the USCCB) will be installed as a Cardinal.  I personally am super pumped for this to happen, because Archbishop Dolan is one of the greatest leaders we have in the American Church.  He is the only Bishop I know of that blogs regularly, that uses social media as well as he does to evangelize and teach. Looking forward, there is no doubt in my mind that Cardinal Dolan will play a very important role in the future of our Church and our country.

In a speech given before the Holy Father and the College of Cardinals today, Cardinal-designate Dolan outlined 7 principles for advancing the New Evangelization in the world today. Here’s the full text. Definitely worth your time. Quick sidebar, the New Evangelization, as coined by Bl. Pope John Paul II and continued by Pope Benedict XVI, is the necessity to re-evangelize to those in Christian countries who have lost much or all of their faith. Recently, Pope Benedict has been all about the NE.

To prepare for Lent (which starts this Wednesday!), over the next few days I’ll be going through each of the 7 principles Cardinal-designate Dolan discussed in his speech. Hopefully, this will serve as a meaningful reflection heading into Lent on what each of us can do better in our own quest to evangelize to those around us. A rough schedule:

Sunday: Principles 1-3

Monday: Principles 4-6

Tuesday: a Fat Tuesday edition of number 7, to go along with something special for Lent, maybe even a special announcement

Stay tuned!


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